Munich's Hardest Hits

Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 6

Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 6 Wayne Smart  -  Just Another Stranger
Raw Silk  -  Street Girl
[gæleri]  -  Blue Town
Frozen Rain  -  Waiting For You
Requiem  -  Magic
Eva  -  One Day Without You
Secret Smile  -  Into The Night
Statement  -  Dancin' On The Edge
Platitude  -  Oblivion
Heaven  -  Rock Me Gently
Scott Sudbury  -  The Last American Dreamer
Subway  -  Into The Fire
Joseph Lee Wood  -  Are You Ready
Shannon  -  Wild, Wild, Wild

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Review from Strutter-Magazine:
The best compilation CDs available are definitely the ones from the Munich’s Hardest Hits series. These compilation CDs are compiled by the Munich/Germany based Melodic Rockstation Munich’s Hardest Hits. Each album contains about 15 tracks, which represent the underground aor/melodic rockscene. Also volume 6 is filled with lots of high quality songs from unknown bands. Most notable tracks come from RAW SILK (an undiscovered Greek AOR Classic, which we reviewed last year when it was finally re-issued onto CD), WAYNE SMART (from his legendary debut, which is a very underrated AOR Classic), FROZEN RAIN (one of the hopefuls this year to be released, their included track 'Waiting for you' is only available on this CD), REQUIEM (a fantastic band from Slovenia, which has a pure RAINBOW kinda sound), EVA (the Italian AOR masters, new album on it’s way, this is a sneak-preview) and a new track by JOSEPH LEE WOOD, another AOR hero. Volume 6 contains in total 14 tracks, and I can without a doubt, highly recommend it to the AOR/Melodic Rockfans, who want to hear how the underground sounds like, or simply want to hear more than anything the labels have to offer. Check it out for more info, and listen to the best radiostation on the internet at:
(Points: 8.5 out of 10)
Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter Magazine